The dynamic children’s ministry under the direction of Pastor Mike and Susan Lambert. Serves children from the ages of 3-11 with fun-filled games, illustrations, and activities straight from the Word of God each Sunday Morning and Wednesday Evening.
Here is our New Full time teachers and schedule.

First Service:

3 and 4 Year Old Class (Cliff and Nancy Konkle)*
5 and 6 Year Old Class (Wayne and Lisa Hassinger)*
7 and 8 Year Old Class (Mike and Megan Hanson)
9-11 Year Old Class (John and Stephanie O”Connell)

Second Service:

3 and 4 Year Old Class (Sue Lambert/Helper)
5 and 6 Year Old Class (Kendra Mollo/Helper)
7-10 and 11 Year Old Class (Tom Mollo/Helper)
Special Class (Mike Lambert/Helper)



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