To equip women with the resources needed to understand their self-worth and live productive lives as they enter into their future.

Safe Haven House
The Safe Haven House will house up to 6 single women and 1 overnight staff (children will not be allowed to stay in the home). Participants will engage in the Chances to Change Transitional Program. Each participant will receive an Individual Living Plan which will include a needs assessment, an action plan and goals. Participants will be assigned a mentor to meet with weekly and as additional support throughout the program. Full participation in the program is expected and will be required for completion.
Help by being a Partner, a Support and/or a Participant.
Programs assist individuals with emotional, physical and spiritual needs.
Chances to Change is a 6 months faith-based residential program.
God’s Woman Ministries (GWM) is a 501(c)(3) Non-for-profit Organization; Chances to Change is Safe Haven House. GMW & C2C are tax exempt, charitable organization and does not receive any government or federal funding. PO Box 729, Catskill NY 12414