Unlocked Cafe Menu

      Donuts, Ice cream
1/29/20 Loaded Hot Dogs, Chili Root beer floats Cookies
2/5/20 Taco’s, Nacho’s & Taco Salad Root beer floats  
2/12/20 Soup & Sliders Root beer floats Apple Crisp
2/19/20 Spanish Yellow Rice w Chicken Root beer floats  
2/26/20 Ziti with Garlic Bread Root beer floats Christmas Treats
3/4/20 Grilled Cheese w Pickles, Tomato Soup Root beer floats Strawberry topped mini Cheesecake


Nursery Schedule

Gen Next Nursery Director Kelly Vanderhaden
First Service
3-4 yr olds- Cliff & Nancy
5-6 yr olds- Barbara Santoro
7-8 yr olds- Brian & Tiffany Garcia
9-11 yr olds- John & Steph O’ Connell
Second Service
3-4 yr olds- Darren & Carrie Duso
5-6 yr olds- Kendra Mollo
7-8 yr olds- Omar & Akeria Bailey
9-11 yr olds- Matt & Christine Crandell
3-5 yr olds- Danaly Ferrusi and Rebecca Hamm
6-11 yr olds- Pastor Tom, Ashley McCay, Ed & Kristen Coons
Nursery Schedule:


  Service  Adult 1   Adult 2   

Teenager 1   

Jan 26 First   Eva Steen Daija Jones **Brittany Gillis
Jan 26 Second Rachel Collins   Bella Mollo  
Feb 2 First Dani Ferussi Krista Manchuck Tati Hoffman **Kelly VanDerheyden
Feb 2 Second Tonya Wilburn   Bella Mollo  
Feb 9 First Dani Ferussi Lydia Law Daija Jones **Brittany Gillis
Feb 9 Second Hannah Burns   Bella Mollo  
Feb 16 First Dani Ferussi Sam Fleming Tati Hoffman **Kelly VanDerheyden
Feb 16 Second Alice Hoyt   Bella Mollo  
Feb 23 First Dani Ferussi Eva Steen Daija Jones **Brittany Gillis
Feb 23 Second Rachel Collins   Bella Mollo  


Jail Schedule

    Women                                                             Men

18th       Kate, Brittany & Katherine                                            18th       Entrup & Duso
25th       Carolyn & Jeana                                                           25th        Cartwright, Garland & Crandall
1st           Tracy & Kia                                                                    1st         Walker & Garcia                                                      8th         Nancy & Susanna                                                          8th         Konkle, Cincotti & Hamm
15th       Brittany & Kate                                                              15th       Duso & Entrup
22nd        Jeana, Carolyn  & Katherine                                        22nd      Garland, Crandall & Cartwright
29th       Kia & Tracy                                                                   29th       Garcia & Walker
Please make every effort to attend, and notify your partner ASAP if you cannot be there. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs, let’s make every effort to follow that example by attending every month and being supportive, even when it’s not your month to lead.

Sometimes schedule changes are inevitable. Utilizing your Rock Solid Church jail ministry Contact Sheet, Please make arrangements w/your fellow ministers & contact your ministry team leader as well as the Church Office with any changes. However, if ALL attempts to find a replacement have been made and cancellation absolutely cannot be avoided, please notify the Columbia County Jail directly @ 828-3324,ext.1503 or 1501.

Also, still notify your ministry team leader & leave a message on the RSC office voicemail.


Ministry Schedule

Current Ministry Schedule.

Subject to change due to volunteer switches. Check with your Ministry Leader for changes or changes needed to be made so they can be reflected online.

Ministry Schedule Jan-May 2020 <– Click to download or view in full.
Jan 19th | Jan 22nd
AV: Marc
Ushers: Jason Manchuck | Brian Garcia
Sound: Melisha
Communion: Cincotti
Greeter: Tracy M.
Jan 26th | Jan 29th
AV: Caleb
Ushers: Rick Cartwright | Russell Monroe
Sound: Pete
Communion: Mollo
Greeter: Kathy C.
Feb 2nd | Feb 5th
AV: Zac
Ushers: Kris Vermilya | Matt Fleming
Sound: Rob
Communion: Corporate
Greeter: Brenda V.
Feb 9th | Feb 12th
AV: Marc
Ushers: Zack Collins | Jason Wallace
Sound: Melisha
Communion: Knapp
Greeter: Wendy R.
Feb 16th | Feb 19th
AV: Caleb
Ushers: Bill Hamm | Jim Lancaster
Sound: Pete
Communion: Romano
Greeter: Sherre L.
Feb 24th | Feb 26th
AV: Zac
Ushers: Dan Knapp | Maurice Wisdom
Sound: Rob
Communion: K & L Johnson
Greeter: Irene C.