Looking to sign up for a Semester?
 Two semesters per academic year (ie: Fall & Spring).
For each semester, there will be 5 terms (3 credits per term) that are offered. Each term is 4 weeks long.
Unless enrollment dictates otherwise, each term will take place on Tuesday night from 6:00-9:00pm at Rock Solid Church.
The lone exception to the above is the seminar. In each semester, one of the terms will be comprised of a seminar that will be a 9-hour intensive course, that is also worth 3 credits, and an additional $200 per student, $25 per day to the public.
The seminar will take place according to the following structure:
 Friday Night- 6:00-9:00pm
Saturday Morning- 9:00-12:00pm
 Saturday Afternoon- 1:00pm-4:00pm (or as advised).
NOTE: All required fees and forms are to be turned into Pastor Chris. Please DO NOT put any fees into the offering during a church service! Monies can be in the form of cash or checks. If checks, please make payable to Rock Solid Church.
NOTE: While there is no financial aid or scholarship programs available at this time, there are payment plans that can be discussed and arranged to suit your specific situation. These will ONLY be offered as per request and after consultation with Pastor Chris.
Academic Calendar:
NOTE: For terms 2 & 3 there will be 2 classes taught simultaneously. For degree students, please see Dr. Romano for which class you are assigned to. For audit students, you are free to choose which class you would like to enroll for.
Class Title
Course Number
Term 1
The Church & the Kingdom
January 16th —February 6th
Term 2
Spiritual Warfare: The Book of Philippians
February 13th —March 6th
L. Costello
The Principles of Teaching
February 13th —March 6th
Term 3
Discipleship in the Church
(Timothy Course, I)
March 13th —April 3rd
Essential Doctrines
March 13th —April 3rd
Term 4
Victory Over a Self-Centered Life: Forgiveness
April 6th —April 7th
(Spring Seminar)
Jason Romano;
Chris Romano;
Jaron Halsted
Term 5
The Journey of Israel
April 17th —May 8th
There will be no classes the week of April 9 th -April 13 th (Fall Break).
Classes are every Tuesday night from 6-9pm with the exception of Seminars (Fri night & Sat am).
RSBI Enrollment and other Info
Enrollment Status
Full-time students are those who enroll in at least 4 terms (for a minimum of 12 credits, a maximum of 15 credits).
Part-time students are those who enroll in 1- 3 terms  (for a minimum of 3 credits, a maximum of 9 credits).
It is permissible for students to enroll in only 1 term per semester. Every student who is enrolled in the degree programs is encouraged to maintain at least part-time status.
Audit Class: For students not interested in earning credit towards a degree program, there is an opportunity for enrichment known as the audit. In this case, the student would not be responsible for the academic requirements but would attend and participate in the course lectures.
Tuition & Fees
Application: (one-time/new students only)- $50.00
Registration: (every semester)- $50.00
Tuition: (includes course text(s) & other related course resources for degree students ONLY)
Degree Students $200 per term
Audit Students $100 per term
NOTE: For the seminar, the tuition remains the same for the degree student. For audits and other non-degree participants, the seminar fee is $50.00/person.
Schedule of Fees: Due Dates
Application, Registration Forms & Fees: January 16th
 Term 1 Tuition: February 6th
Term 2 Tuition: March 6th
Term 3 Tuition: April 3rd
Term 4 Tuition: April 29th
Term 5 Tuition: May 8th