Jail Schedule


Our ministry teams visit both men and women in local jails and prisons every Saturday evening. You are welcome to join us as we change hearts and lives through His Word.

Here is the current Schedule 

Dec 29th– Carolyn & Jeana | Garland & Cartwright
Women | Men
5th- Akeria & Kia | Johnson & Walker
12th- Nancy & Susanna |  Cincotti & Konkle
19th- Brittany & Kate | Entrup
26th- Tracy & Irene | Costello & Hamm
2nd- Jeana & Carolyn | Cartwright & Garland
9th- Kia & Akeria | Walker & Johnson
16th- Susanna & Nancy | Konkle & Cincotti
23rd- Kate & Brittany |  Entrup
RSC Jail Ministry Schedule 2019 <- Click here to download Schedule.

Thank you Jail Ministry Team for all that you do as unto our Lord for the glory of His Holy Name!!

Ephesians 2:10 says “we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works”!

Thank you all for your love for & dedication to our Lord & his sheep (both lost & found.) Thank you to those who serve from Lighthouse Church in Athens & Community Life Church in Catskill.

Primary name (on left) is responsible for message preparation and to lead the service. A Bible-based, well-prepared & organized message outline is to be e-mailed to Pastor Jaron 1 week in advance or delivered to his desk if necessary. A jail ministry contact sheet is available, see Jeana or Kevin for a copy.

Secondary name (next name to the right is needed to be there to support the person leading & is the default backup) so, everyone listed should always come prepared to lead a worship service.

Please make EVERY effort to attend, and notify your partner ASAP if you cannot be there. Jesus sent His disciples out in pairs, let’s make every effort to follow that example by attending every month and being a support, even when it’s not your month to lead.

Sometimes schedule changes are inevitable. Utilizing your Rock Solid Church jail ministry Contact Sheet, Please make arrangements w/your fellow ministers & contact your ministry team leader as well as the Church Office with any changes. However, if ALL attempts to find a replacement have been made and cancellation absolutely cannot be avoided, please notify the Columbia County Jail directly @ 828-3324, ext.1503 or 1501.

Also, still notify your ministry team leader & leave a message on the RSC office voicemail.